COVID-19 Preparations


Welcome to our Covid-19 preparation page.


With all the uncertainties surrounding Covid-19 and travel, we want you to feel safe and informed when you make the trip to Buck Lake Lodges and Outposts in Hornepayne, ON.


On June 4,2020, the Government of Ontario announced that lodges in Ontario were permitted to open June 5th, 2020 to Canadian residents. We look forward to welcoming guests back to our lodges and providing an opportunity for even more Canadians to discover what lies in their own backyard. To accommodate the changes needed at this time, we have decided to operate one lodge location at a time to allow our cabins and boats to sit unoccupied for 7 days.  Upon departure, your cabin will sit for 72 hours before cleaning staff enter the cabin for a full clean and disinfection. Your cabin will sit another 72 hours before being entered by guests. 


To ensure the safe operation of our lodge, we will be adopting the safe operating protocols as issued by our industry association, NOTO, in their Covid-19 Best Practices guide. If you would like to see all the steps we are taking to keep our guests safe, check out the following link.


 COVID-19 BEST PRACTICES for the Safe Operation of Resource-Based Tourism Businesses in Northern Ontario


NOTO has worked tirelessly and cooperatively with tourism industries around the world, to ensure the resource-based tourism (RBT) industry in Northern Ontario is ready to safely open their doors.   As members of NOTO for the past 10 years, we appreciate all the advocacy, information, webinars, and conference calls they have provided for all RBT operators during this time.


All guests will be required to complete a screening questionnaire and sign a Guest Code of Conduct Form prior to their arrival. If you feel unwell, have been identified as a close contact with, or have symptoms of Covid-19, please contact us to postpone your trip. Anyone displaying signs of Covid-19 will not be permitted to visit us. If a guest develops signs of Covid-19, we reserve the right to ask the guest to leave including the rest of his group. If you have seasonal allergies, please make note on your screening questionnaire.


Your flying experience will look different with the wearing of face masks. The pilot and all passengers will be required to wear a face covering.  Prior to each flight, the plane will be disinfected before boarding. Face masks (while supplies last) and sanitizer spray for your use at the airbase will be provided by Buck Lake Lodges and Outposts. When at airbase, please have one person check in with the airbase staff while the rest of your group waits for direction. For complete Forde Lake Air Service Covid-19 protocols, please contact the airbase directly at 807 868 2741. 


Upon arrival at camp, physical distancing will still be required. Please be mindful that keeping 6 feet apart from other guests and staff is necessary. Please step off the docks to allow staff to unload and load the airplane easily. Hand sanitizer dispensing machines will be located by the plane. The office, boat house, minnow shed, and laundry will be closed to guests.  Coffee and breakfast pastries will no longer be provided. You will be directed to your clean, disinfected and fully equipped cabin where we will provide camp and boat orientations to make sure you are comfortable and confident. Sanitizer spray and hand soap will be provided in each cabin. We ask that you use the sanitizer upon arrival and before departure.  


Mid-week cabin cleaning will now be mid-week towel exchange. A basket will be placed in front of your cabin mid week with fresh towels. Dirty towels will be placed in basket for pick up. Your garbage can be placed outside your cabin any day of the week. All our linens are washed in hot water with bleach. Blankets will be washed between guests. You are encouraged to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow.


Boats will be completely cleaned, power washed and sanitized prior to each new guest. Gas cans will be placed at your dock to be filled as you require.  Life jackets are available but due to the additional measures needed to sanitize, we suggest that you bring your own. Private docks at each cabin, avoids contact with other guests.  Minnows are available and will be delivered to your cabin. 


The fish cleaning shack will be limited to the occupants of one cabin at a time. Sanitizer spray and hand soap will be provided in the fish shack. The fish shack will be cleaned daily with increased frequency depending on intensity of use.


Shore lunch is a big part of the Canadian fishing experience and we are unsure whether we will be able to adhere to the social distancing requirement on Loon Island. As of right now, shore lunches will not be offered. We will assess this position as the season progresses. We can provide all guests with their own shore lunch kit and recommendations on where to go on the lake so you can still experience fresh fish cooked over a fire.  


Beach areas on our lodge properties will be for single group use at one time. There are dozens of beach areas around the lake waiting to be explored. With only hosting a maximum of 5 groups at a time, we feel this will not be an issue. Kayaks and canoes will be sanitized prior to being distributed to guests. 


We ask that trip balances be paid prior to arrival. Incidentals can be paid the night prior to departure at an assigned time.


A few recommendations we have are:

·      Bring hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for your travels and while at camp

·      Have a face mask for use when recommended

·      Bring your supplies from home to avoid unnecessary stops

·      Pre-order groceries for delivery to the airbase from Freshmart Grocer in Hornepayne

·      Bring your own life jacket, sleeping bag and pillow

·      Please have patience with our staff, our pilots and anyone else you encounter, as we are all adjusting to these new guidelines 

Our policies and procedures will adapt to any changes issued from the various levels of government, the public health unit and may be increased to meet our guests needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with us directly.


We look forward to welcoming you all to Buck Lake!



Shannon and John Moffatt



COVID-19 BEST PRACTICES for the Safe Operation of Resource-Based Tourism Businesses in Northern Ontario