• How rustic are the cabins

    The cabins are very comfortable and not really that rustic!. Excellent light during the day through large windows, comfortable mattresses and fresh linens make it feel like home. Each cabin has it's own private dock and is fully equipped with everything you need to prepare meals.

  • Buck & Bingwood Differences

    Buck Cabins and Bingwood Cabins have a total of 11 cabins on Buck Lake. Bingwood Cabins is located at the mouth of the river and Buck is a mile and a half east of Bingwood. Buck Cabins will become home to our main lodge with meals in 2022 when construction is complete. Services and amenities are the same at both locations. Both lodges run with generated electricity and all cabins have full bathrooms with hot showers and flush toilets. Bingwood Cabins are of log construction while Buck Cabins are of frame construction. 

  • Do you supply fishing gear

    Most people bring their own fishing gear but if you are a beginner or unable to travel with your gear, we can hook you up.

    We are part of the Experience Fishing program where we can supply fishing rods and instructions to help you be successful.

  • How many lodges are there?

    We have two lodges, Buck Cabins and Bingwood Cabins. Both are located on Buck (Obakamiga) Lake

  • Are there any other outfitters on Buck Lake?

    No, we are the one and only outfitter on Buck Lake. There are no other buildings or structures on the lake, just trees!

  • How big is the lake?

    Buck Lake is 7400 acres and you can access neighbouring Granite Hill Lake through the 3 mile long Buck river for over 11,000 acres of water.

  • Do you have an ice machine?

    Yes, we do. Both our lodge locations are equipped with ice machines and large freezers for storing your take home catch. 

  • What is a shore lunch?

    Shore lunch is a traditional meal of fresh caught fish, potatoes and beans cooked over an open fire. Our weekly shore lunches are held on Loon Island and all our lodge guests are invited to a great meal prepared by us.