Flights and Aircraft

  • Who flies your guests?

    We charter our flights through Forde Lake Air Services located on Government Lake Rd in Hornepayne, ON.

  • What kind of plane will we fly in?

    Forde Lake Air Services operates a fleet of 3 DeHavilland Beavers. These planes will seat 4 plus the pilot.

  • What are the weight restrictions?

    Each beaver will carry a total of 1200lbs (four people and gear).

  • Is commercial flying possible?

    Although there are no commercial flights into Hornepayne, it is home to a 3500' paved runway. The nearest commercial airport is in Sault Ste Marie. From Sault Ste Marie you can either charter a float plane and fly directly into camp or rent a car and make the scenic 4.5 hour drive to Hornepayne. We would be happy to make these arrangements for you.

  • Can I fly my own plane?

    If your plane is on floats, you can land directly in front of your cabin. Wheeled aircraft can land on Hornepayne's 3500' paved runway. Transportation to the float plane base is easily arranged. Aviation fuel is available in Hornepayne.

    To reduce the risk of introducing invasive species into our lakes, your plane will be required to be dry docked for 24 hours prior to your landing on our lakes.