For the past seven years, I have been coming to fish on Buck Lake.  John and Shannon are the reason  why I have always had an excellent experience.  They provide clean, comfortable cabins along with  friendly, easily  accessible service. The "coup de grace"  of fishing Buck Lake might well be the premium boats that John and Shannon provide for you.  The 16-ft boats are  fully equipped  with bilge pump, large motor (yet still able to back troll nicely)  live well, fish finding graph, unused  rod drawer and measuring tape, etc. The boats are roomy and comfortable enough for 3 people.  The pedestal seats (with backs no less)  enhance your comfort level and enable you to stay out on the water all day. On this large and sometimes windy lake, the premium boat feels more secure plus you have the maneuverability of the smaller boat. I love getting up in the morning and going out to a waiting boat  that has just been cleaned and gassed up.  It makes me feel like I'm "living large" thanks to John and Shannon's thoughtfulness, energy and kindness for making it happen.

Dan McHugh  

Oak Park, IL   

The fishing is outstanding, but that's only part of the story at Buck and Bingwood. John, Shannon, Alex, and Joe Fish are the most welcoming hosts we've ever had the pleasure to meet. We like to stay out on the lake late and get back out early but we always had a full tank of gas waiting for us in the morning. The 16 ft. boats are ideal for anyone looking to spend a long time on the water -- comfortable pilot seats let you keep your focus on your fishing, and the flat floor lets you stand up and stretch your legs safely. The well maintained cabins have all the comforts of home. Buck Lake has so many bays, islands, channels, and points that we haven't fished half the features yet and 2013 was our fourth visit. You simply cannot find a better northern fly-in experience than Buck and Bingwood.

Neil Mackinnon

Thanks again for the great trip, I know that it's not just about catching lots of fish, but also building memories and part of that includes having outfitters that take the time to let you know your not just a number. I appreciate your taking time out of your busy schedule to tell where to go for the big pike, and just to hang out and build relationships. That takes a lot of effort on your part when you have soo many clients in camp at the same time...especially with two camps! Thanks a lot for that!

 Paul Harris

My dad and I have taken our yearly Fly In fishing trip to Buck Lake for many years, always staying at Buck Cabins.  Accommodations were always no more than average.

Then John and Shannon Moffatt bought the camp.  Since John and Shannon purchased Buck Cabins, maintenance issues have vanished.   Cabins have been upgraded with new porches and much needed repairs. New docks have been put in place.  The olds ones were just accidents waiting to happen.The general appearance of the camp makes you feel at home.

With all said about camp improvements, the most outstanding aspect John and Shannon have brought to Buck ( and now Bingwood Cabins last year) is honesty and a TRUE desire to help the customer and treat them like family. This trait neither my dad ( who has fished in Canada for over 60 years) nor I have ever seen.

John and Shannon with their go - out - of - the - way attitude have made it possible for my dad to continue fishing in the wild, even though he now has to use a walker.

John and Shannon, Thank You for all your support!

See you in July.

Todd Tavernaro

If anyone is looking for a great fishing trip, I would recommend buck and bingwood cabins.  My wife and I had the pleasure of staying at Buck Cabins, and when we arrived we were greeted right away by the owner/operators John and Shannon Moffatt, they were very curtious and caring people, as they made sure our stay was enjoyable.  Every day our boats were clean and fully equipped to head out fishing.  The cabins were clean and very well kept.  The shore lunch that John and Shannon provided was abolsutely amazing, and I look forward to taking part of it again!

The fishing was excellent, catching a variety of walleye, northern pike and perch of all good sizes.  When we weren't fishing, we got the opportunity to take in the beautiful views and visited some historical locations around the lake.

The evenings were absolutely breathe taking, sitting by the fire and enjoying the peacefulness that the great north provides.

John and Shannon bring a family like atmosphere to the camp, were we weren't treated as guests but as part of the Buck Cabins family.

Thanks John and Shannon for a great fishing experience and we will see you again next year.

Ryan and Megan Lalande,
Hamilton, Ontario

I want to personally thank the both of you for working with our group in getting us up there last September. After being diagnosed with cancer and spending the summer having radiation treatments every day for eight weeks I needed something positive. The trip to Buck cabins was just what I needed. You guys made our stay very memorable. The flight was breathtaking, the cabin was awesome, the boats were great, a shore lunch provided by the staff was unbelievable, and the fishing was super as we maxed out each day eating walleye each night, and releasing a number of 25 inch walleyes, as well as releasing northerns ranging 36 to 41 inches. Most of all I want to let you know that your hospitality is the main reason you will see us at Buck cabins for hopefully many summers to come. Once again thanks and see you in July.

Steve Donahue

Our Dayton fishing group has been fishing Canadian Shield lakes throughout Ontario for the last 35 years. The last 15 of those years have been at Obakamiga Lake while staying at Buck and Bingwood Cabins. There are many reasons why we've made this our Canadian fishing home, but the two most important reasons are the fishery itself and the service we get from John and Shannon Moffatt who own the camp. Year after year, whether visiting during May or September, we are able to find and catch large quantities of quality walleyes. Most years, the only problem is catching walleyes small enough to eat. While we don't specifically go pike fishing, we always catch quality pike as well. It's not uncommon for everyone in our group to catch several pike over 30 inches in length on a jig or a spinner. We have also witnessed many groups cleaning jumbo perch in the fish cleaning hut so this is also the place to enjoy some great perch fishing.

The service at Buck and Bingwood cabins is top of the line. John and Shannon do everything they can to make your visit enjoyable. They were raised in Canadian fishing camps and understand the requirements of each guest. The daily boat cleanings, the like-home towels, the clean cabins and especially the shore lunch on Loon Island make each visit memorable.

Jeff Heeter,
Dayton, OH

Thanks again for another great week!

Excellent fishing, accommodations, and service!  I have been coming up North for over 35 years and flying-in for the last 30.  I have tried many different outfitters over the years and by far, Buck Lake and their Hosts provide the best experience.  From the warm greeting at the dock when we land and throughout the entire week, John and Shannon always have time to make sure our annual adventure is enjoyable.  It has been fun watching their two boys grow over the years and they are becoming very helpful in camp too.  3 generations of our family have enjoyed the experience offered at Buck Lake. Never a dull moment on the Lake either.  While hunting Lunker Pike, we stay active catching Walleye and Perch.  Makes for a great smorgasbord come dinner time.  The equipment is reliable too.  Having motors that start and run, and not having boats that leak allows us to keep our focus on fishing and relaxing.  Mother Nature is truly on display too.  From the numerous Eagles, Moose, Bears and even spotted a wolf swimming across the Lake.  The ultimate getaway.

Ken Evanchuck,
Germantown, OH